Thursday, 20 August 2009

Round arm

Joe's gone round arm for some reason and I can't convince him to change it. I have to be careful with what I say to him and prefer that his coaches pick him up on things like this.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Ben and Joe had their training session today and came away saying that they weren't that excited about the whole affair because they're going over the same thing again and again. I think Ben is beginning to suffer from teenager - itis, where he doesn't like to be told that he's doing it wrong despite the fact that the coach was explaining that if he continued to field as he was he'd end up with broken fingers. Neither of them seem to grasp that the amount of practice required in order that they attain a decent level of proficiency. I think all the coaches today worked well with them - Neil, Dave and Graham and kept them busy. They even had a bit of a game in the middle and I'm wondering whether they too sensed an overall feeling of despondency amongst the kids? This is where no doubt the wheat will be sorted from the Chaff and I'm hoping that my lads are 'The Wheat'.In the game both of them bowled 2 overs of 3 so the equivalent of an over. Joe bowled a maiden across the six balls and every ball was met with a 'Ohhh'! From all and sundry and Neil was encouraging him from the umpires position - from what I could tell from Neils reactions and Joe's indifferent report after was that 6 of his balls were right on the stumps 2 went over the stumps and the other 4 were Leg Breaks that all spun away from their original trajectory of hitting the stumps.

Ben was slightly less successful but then he bowls straight and had better calibre bats to bowl against, I think he went for one. Similarly he either went over the top or just missed the edge down the off-side. One was hit and a run taken and one got an inside edge that then bounced off the leg and ricocheted passed the off-stump. But despite this they were indifferent to the session. Neither of them batted particularly well either. The rest of the session was made up of catching drills, long barrier practice and throwing accuracy. I thought it was a good session.

Watching Ben it looks as though because he doesn't get to bowl much his run up and follow through needs some work. The follow through looked very weak, so once we are out on the field again we'll have a look at that?

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Practice session game

Joe's over was first and he was up against a much bigger boy (Older) who's also the son of one of the coaches and similarly plays alongside of his brother. I don't know whether this was the older or younger boy, but they're established players who've been there at least a season and are definitely the nicer kids on the team and can bat quite proficiently.

Joe bowled his first ball loopy and slow trying to turn it, the kid played it coming down the wicket and missed it and the ball just went over the stumps but the keeper was miles back because all the bowlers up till Joe had been trying to bowl like Flintoff, the bat grounded his bat before the wicket keeper was anywhere near retrieving the ball to stump him.Joe then went for a shorter ball but straight this time and the kid went for a defensive block - dot ball. Joe's next ball was longer this time and straight and again the defensive block and the ball edged out to point but there was no-one there - gutted. His last ball was faster with more of a run up - again the defensive shot, this time the ball pinged up and came back down the wicket just short of Joe who'd reacted far too late to get him bowled and caught! A Maiden over for Joe.

All through the 4 ball over from the first ball all the kids were giving 'OOohh and Aahhh' Ben said that one of the kids turned to him and said - 'His bowling is dangerous because it's slow'.

When we got home Joe disappointed with his performance spent another 20 minutes or so practicing with me behind the stumps outside the house, he was turning the ball (leg breaks) and increasing his speed and was hitting the stumps 25% of the time and only bowled 2 wides in 30 or so balls.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Joe Dec 2008 slow motion

Here's a video clip of Joe as he stands at the minute. I've had a look and I reckon the thing he needs to work on is his follow through. There's a brilliant video on the internet featuring a coach - David Freedman and Aussie Beau Casson who bowls left arm Leg spin and they demonstrate some drills.

It's the follow through drill where Freedman advocates stepping over an obstacle that Joe needs to do so that this step-over aspect becomes a part of his bowling and it's something I've only realised as being crucial myself in the last 6 months. So it'll be something we can work on. In the meantime here's a short clip of Joe as he bowls now.

I don't reckon there's a lot wrong with Joe's bowling all the time he concentrates and tries hard and looking at the clip it looks as though everything is going in the right direction and and I love the way he springs into his stride and gets airbourne!