Saturday, 1 November 2008

Wrist Spin Legend - Joe Thompson

Still undecided what to call this blog. But there's been a development. Joe today trained with Basildon & Pitsea cc colts for the first time. He bowled 2 overs, each of the other 13 kids bowled the same and considering he's only 7 and these other kids are up to 11 he didn't do too bad. He bowled the last over with the opposition having to score 12 off his over. They were having 2 points added for wides in the match, so it was a distinct possibility.

His first ball skidded in low (Like a flipper or a slider) to RH bat and he missed it. The next ball Joe lobbed it up and the kid hit the ball hard out to cover the kid got his hands to it but dropped it and runs were scored. The next ball was hit and 2 runs were made. The 3rd ball was lobbed up again and the kid came down the wicket with a front foot drive straight back at Joe and he almost caught it fumbling it and dropping it. Another run. His 4th ball was to a LH bat and again hit to cover this time loopy and high and again mis-fielded and dropped. The last 2 balls were hit and more runs were made but Joe held them down allowing his team to win by 3 runs.

The other half of this duo - his older brother Ben (10) bowled 2 overs as well and similarly he didn't bowl any wides and managed to get several balls past the bat only just missing the stumps. To me it looked as though as a first run out with kids in a real cricket team both my lads showed real potential especially Ben - I reckon that Ben wasn't far off of being the best bowler there on the day, his line length and speed being superior to all the others as far as I could see. The blokes doing the training session seemed to be very happy with both their performances and are looking forward to seeing them back next week.

I'm looking forward to seeing them progress over the coming weeks.

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