Sunday, 9 November 2008

Week 2 training

Unfortunately Joe didn't want to go to the training session yesterday with Basildon & Pitsea cc under 11 colts. So me and Ben went on our own. Joe chose to stay at home and do his homework instead of playing cricket! Why this is I don't know - if I believed in start signs it put it down to the fact that he's the same star sign as me and the same as me he's incredibly easy come easy go. I find it very difficult to get motivated even to do things that I like - so maybe he's a bit like that? He's also very contrary to the point where he'll deny himself the chance to do something he likes just to be awkward. But Ben came back from the session having really enjoyed it again and I think Joe got the sense that he'd missed out so hopefully he'll go next week. The things is if I push him too much he's likely to react against me.

But I reckon if he'd have gone he'd have done well again as the team doesn't appear to have a spin bowler and I made this point to Joe. We'll have to see what happens next week?

Another thing I want to do is score Joe's overs and record his performance in these situations, to see how affective he is. I might also do it using a proper score sheet just to get practice for next season.

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